7 Things That Have Made This A Good Week #2

The days are becoming warmer and warmer as we move through September, and I'm finding it harder to stay put at my desk - I just want to go and lie outside in the sun! This week was quite enjoyable all in all, and as I'm heading to Port Fairy tomorrow it should be a lovely weekend too (I might even get a swim or two at the beach in if the weather isn't completely awful). Now, here's a little list of things that made this a good week...

1. Sandwiches from Dench, one of my favourite bakeries in Melbourne.

2. Half-waking up early on Thursday morning to hear the rain, then falling back asleep.

3. Going out for Yum Cha lunch on fathers day! I used to go to Yum Cha quite a bit when I was younger and visiting Melbourne with my family, so I thought it would be nice to return to one of my parents old haunts (East Imperial) for the day.

4. 22 degrees on Monday! Is there anything better than temperature in the mid to low 20's? Unfortunately it's been raining and around 15 ever since Monday, but I'll take these nice days as they come.

5. Haircut and colour for the first time in a year (yikes, I know).

Yes, I'm aware that I look like a frightened child, but they have a semi-serious 'no phones' policy that I was scared of getting caught violating. 

Here, have an after photo I took this morning as I waited for the train:

6. Having a near-empty Barre Body class which resulted in the teacher almost being my own personal trainer. I mean, it was horrible at the time, but my muscles felt so good the next day!

7. Having friends over for pizza and beer on Thursday night. Seriously the best way to welcome the almost-weekend!

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