(Almost) Spring in Melbourne

One of the best parts about working in the city is being able to pop out at lunch to do pretty much whatever you want. Most of the time I either go to Barre Body or read a book on the couch, but when the weather is nice there's nothing better than heading down to Birrarung Marr. 

Lunch time!

The old boathouses that overlook the Yarra. It's so peaceful walking along here, particular if you have a good soundtrack in your ears. My music of choice today was Neon Bible by Arcade Fire - this album just reminds me of the warm weather!

In a month or two all of these trees will be beautiful and green, perfect for slowly strolling under when it's over thirty degrees.

I'm always impressed with this view, no matter how many times I see it. You can see Flinders Street Station in the middle, with Federation Square just off to the right.

Sigh...walking back to work with a hazy view of the city.

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