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In all city dwellers, I think there's an innate desire to get back to nature - to surround ourselves with greenery before the concrete swallows us whole. While I am lucky enough to have a little backyard to call my own, it doesn't quite inspire the same feeling that comes from standing in a forest filled with towering ironbark with the lingering smell of damp earth.

The products below might not transport you to a misty forest, but they may provide the illusion for a little while.

/ Solid Natural Perfume Compact in Womens Tapestry Oval Design
/ Notebook - Botanic Trio
/ FERN : Basil Pink Grapefruit Green Herbs Lavender // all natural and botanical perfume oil
/ Pottery cups in Dark Fog, Set of Two Handmade Modern Ceramic Tumblers
/ Prairie Wildflowers - Spring Wild Flowers Print
/ Earthy Brown Woodland Mushroom Porcelain Trinket Dish
/ The Hermosa Washed Linen Tablecloth
/ Hedera helix Natural Perfume Sampler, for the Tree Ogham of Ivy
/ Oakmoss Soap

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