Tiny House Living

Over the past few years, the concept of compact living spaces seems to be growing in popularity. It's not hard to see why - most the most part they're cost-efficient, cosy and really give a sense of brining a family closer together. 

One of my favourite examples of these tiny living spaces is in the form of the 540 square-foot home in Sauvie Island, Oregon from designer and owner Jessica Helgerson. It's perfect as a functional family home, while featuring clean-lined furnishing which add a modern element to this unique cottage.

Jessica designed and created this furniture particularly for this space, so everything fits together perfectly. The gorgeous roof with exposed iron rods maintains the cosy yet modern feel felt throughout the cottage.

The rustic kitchen, while small, still features an impressive amount of bench space and a large dining table. I love the contrast between the white and wooden panel wall.

I absolutely adore this cosy little loft bed! Can you imagine sleeping up here when it's raining outside?

It would be so inspiring to cook in this kitchen, with the big windows looking out over the rest of the property.

In such a small house, it's quite impressive that this beautiful bathtub has its own space. A little snug, perhaps, but fitting nicely with the aesthetic of the house. The greenery hanging from the roof also adds a nice touch to the room.

Images via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

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