Travel Diaries 001: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Now that I’ve returned home from my eight month round-the-world holiday, I feel that I can now adequately talk about the most incredible experiences of my journey. The first was rather early in the piece – just two weeks after I left Melbourne. Of course, I’m talking about the other-worldly Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Although I visited Iceland in June, it was only nine degrees Celsius. Therefore the idea of soaking in an outdoor geothermal spa was that of pure bliss. KEX Hostel - my accommodation for the duration of my stay in Reykjavik – organised a bus to pick me up from the hostel and take me out to the Blue Lagoon, which was extremely convenient. The only problem, really, was the entry price: €45, simply to enter the Lagoon, along with the use of a towel. This price drops to €38 in the low season (September to May). Iceland is an expensive country, no doubt, but I really did find this fee to be particularly exorbitant.

Nevertheless, the price becomes a non-issue when you step out and see that sky blue water, nestled amongst the volcanic rocks. Pictures truly don’t do it any justice, it is just such a glorious sight. And once you step into that 38 degree Celsius water…ahhh, it was incredible. There are few places I’ve ever been so relaxed. Even better (or perhaps worse for some?) it began raining lightly, which felt great while I was sitting in the hot water.

There is a small bar offering drinks located within the Lagoon, so you don’t have to leave the warm water to grab a drink. Best of all, it’s all done electronically on the bracelet you wear during the duration of your visit, so there’s no need to carry money with you. Of course, due to my small budget I did not indulge in a cold beer or blue slushie.

All in all, I spent a fantastic couple of hours relaxing in the water. The Blue Lagoon is extremely accessible from both Reykjavik and KeflavĂ­k International Airport, making it easy to visit if you have a couple of hours to kill before you leave Iceland.

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