Tuesday, October 25

15 (More) Best Horror Films Since 2000

It's that time of year again! Who else has been watching non-stop horror this October? I must admit I've been a little behind on my 'to watch' list, but after the new season of the Black Mirror was released on Netflix yesterday I feel I've almost made up for it after watching all 6 episodes in 24 hours (sidenote: Black Mirror is an incredible series and you need to get. on. that. now).

Last year I wrote about the 15 best horror films since 2000, and I thought I'd do a follow-up post to get you all in the Halloween spirit. I've seen a whole lot of great horror films since I wrote this, not to mention there's a few that I neglected in my last post. It's time to turn off the lights, get a blanket to hide behind, and queue up some of the best horror films since 2000.

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