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your inspiration / 07

Virginia Woolf is one of my all-time favourite authors and human beings. Reading her work can be challenging given the stream of conscious style, but it’s well worth the effort to be rewarded with so many beautiful passages like this.

I recently uploaded this print (and others) to Society6 if you fancy it on your wall (here).

new breakfast recipes for your morning

My breakfast routine on weekdays is simple: a blueberry smoothie hurriedly consumed before leaving the house each morning, then have a big cup of tea once I arrive at work. On weekends, it's nice to do something a bit more special. Here are some recipes I'll be trying out over the coming weeks.

you're a gem

Followers of my blog have probably seen me mention Gorman on here before, but I wanted to give a shoutout to the incredible dress and boots I bought from them last year. The gem print was inspired by a collaboration with Melbourne Museum, and I loved it so much I also have it in a jacket (ahem, below, enjoying a crepe in Tokyo).

film in frames: the handmaiden

Film in frames: shout-outs to movies that are visually appealing to watch and best enjoyed with a big cup of tea. It goes without saying: all films featured are best watched on Blu-ray or the highest definition copy you can find. Your eyes will thank you.

electric ladies: angel olsen

In an effort to bring more lady positivity to the internet, I want to focus a section of my blog on some of my favourite women. One lady who definitely deserves attention is one of my favourite musicians, Angel Olsen.